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Mother line 

The work is about unseen matrilineal lineage and spiritual beliefs. Mitochondrial Eve can be traced through DNA, these lines from one person to another seem tangible but do not exist in a physical form. Spiritual lines are also invisible and can attach us to people, landscapes, and beliefs like mother Mary. The used bodysuits are figure phantoms representing these ancestral and spiritual mother figures. Sewn to them are fabric spine like objects, coming from one spine to the other are torn strips of deep red taffeta linking them, forming a visible connection. 

‘The Odd one’ 

It was once part of a pair, separated it became one, the odd one. 
The odd sock, one who is without has become peculiar in the absence of the other. Not right, left behind, longing to be reunited, to be useful again. Left in a drawer or in the corner of a room it is waiting, waiting for something to give it new life, it is hopeful but sad in its waiting.
With some love breathed into it, it regenerates and becomes a heart. A purpose that allows it to be independent, no longer needing to be part of a pair, but still holding sentimentality for its past life. 

I started turning odd socks into hearts through the first lockdown in 2020. I thought about the people who were alone and the people who had lost someone. To me the single odd sock, a basic practical item of clothing, represented the people who were lonely and left behind. Shortly after I started experimenting with this idea my father died. He was living in a care home at the time, I had not been able to see or visit him in seven months or be with him when he died. The odd sock hearts have become symbolic of this moment in time for me, of the mass mourning and grief, a suspended silence, a time of waiting. 

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